5 Ways BEMER PEMF Therapy Can Transform Your Pre & Post Workout Routine

    FEBRUARY 12, 2021

    5 Ways BEMER Therapy Can Transform Your Pre & Post Workout Routine

    Your ultimate guide to maximizing muscle activation and recovery with BEMER’s transformational technology

    Let’s be honest.

    Who has the patience to do more than a five to ten-minute warm-up and cooldown with every workout session?

    Most people do a few static stretches and some light cardio before getting started. And when the workout’s over, their cooldown usually consists of grabbing their keys and walking to their car.

    Sound familiar? Don’t worry. It’s human nature to focus on the fun stuff.

    But we’re here to change the way you think about muscle recovery and performance. At BEMER, we believe pre-workout muscle activation and post-workout recovery are just as, if not more important, than training.

    If you’re running into plateaus and having a hard time reaching your goals, more training usually isn’t the answer. The answer often lies in how you prepare for and recover from your workouts.

    Today, we’ll be breaking down how by adding an eight-minute BEMER therapy session before and after your workouts, you can blast through plateaus, hit new personal records, and take your performance to the next level.

    Let’s take a look at five ways BEMER’s targeted signal can revolutionize your pre and post-workout routine and unlock your body’s true potential.

    5 Ways BEMER PEMF Therapy Can Transform Your Pre & Post Workout Routine

    1. More Oxygen = Better Physical Performance

    For this equation to work, your body needs one thing: better circulation.

    Many of the minor aches and injuries that plague our bodies are due to poor local blood flow. When your muscles don’t get the oxygen they need, it impairs their ability to heal, strengthen, and perform.

    It’s like trying to use a hose with a kink in it. The water still comes out, but only a fraction of it.

    To fix those nagging pains and get the most out of your muscles, you have to unkink the hose.

    And unfortunately, static stretching and light cardio are only going to put a band-aid on the issue. In fact, if your goal is improved physical performance or injury prevention, there are better ways to spend your time than static stretching before your workouts.

    One of the most effective ways to improve your local blood flow and optimize muscular activation before a workout is through BEMER’s technology. BEMER’s targeted signal stimulates metabolic activity at the cellular level, increasing local circulation and un-kinking the hose to flood your muscles with vital oxygen.

    With the fuel they need, your muscles can more effectively do what they do naturally: produce energy.

    So whether you’re lifting weights, practicing your swing at the driving range, or hitting the slopes, BEMER’s Pro-Set GO can help you get those extra reps in and come back stronger every day.

    2. Increased Energy & Endurance

    You can think of a BEMER therapy session as a scoop of pre-workout for your muscles.

    When increased local blood flow allows your muscle cells to produce more energy, you’ll get a boost of energy too. You may find that you can work harder for longer, and it’ll take more time for your muscles to fatigue during your workouts.

    More energy and endurance means more reps, more focus, and better results.

    Start supplementing your pre-workout routine with a BEMER therapy session, and you won’t believe how much your training will improve.

    3. Enhanced Recovery

    Now, let’s talk recovery.

    How often do stiff, sore, achy muscles keep you from performing at your best?

    Whether you’re a competitive or recreational athlete, the answer is probably more often than you’d like to admit. You might even struggle with frequent muscle cramps or spasms.

    As you may know, working out creates micro-tears in your muscle fibers. As a result, your body attempts to heal and protect those areas from further damage, which in combination with lactic acid production, is the reason for stiff, achy muscles.

    And that’s where BEMER comes in.

    When you recover with BEMER, your muscle cells get the temporary increase in local circulation needed for your blood to more quickly filter out carbon dioxide that causes stiffness, soreness, and cramps.

    Less waste means more time out on the golf course, in the gym, or on the mountain. When you want to come back for more but sore muscles are holding you back, trust BEMER.

    5 Ways BEMER PEMF Therapy Can Transform Your Pre & Post Workout Routine

    4. Improved Rest

    If fitness and nutrition were a puzzle, rest would be one of the biggest pieces.

    The Sports Health journal reported that inadequate rest could lead to significant changes in mood, hormonal function, and immune response.

    In short, rest is crucial. Without adequate rest, your body won’t be able to fully repair the damage done to your muscles during training. So, how can BEMER help?

    Nowadays, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are everywhere. From Wi-Fi to power lines to radio waves, we’re constantly exposed to these signals every day.

    And believe it or not, while some signals help us operate our phones and computers, others can help us manage our rest.

    When you use BEMER as part of your post-workout routine, the targeted signal helps your body get the healthy, restorative rest it needs to repair your muscles and have you performing better than ever.

    5. Stress Reduction and Relaxation

    When your muscles are stressed, you’re stressed. When they’re relaxed, you’re relaxed.

    The improved oxygenation that BEMER provides helps relieve muscular stress induced by hard workouts, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

    If you’ve ever felt burnt out or anxious as a result of your workout routine, it might be time to re-evaluate how you recover.

    BEMER therapy not only transforms your physical performance but your mental performance too. Reduced stress levels will help you keep your head in the game and stay laser-focused on smashing your goals.

    If you’re looking to overhaul your pre and post-workout recovery, BEMER has you covered. The BEMER Pro-Set GO lets you take all of these life-changing benefits (and many more) with you wherever you go in a convenient, travel-size package.

    Professional athletes all over the world trust BEMER to keep them in peak condition. With just two eight-minute sessions per day, you’ll be warming up and recovering like the pros, and you’ll forget your plateaus ever existed.


    BEMER does not provide any medical advice or services. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than as described in the user manual. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.

    BEMER USA LLC is a leader in the field of microcirculation. BEMER Group North America, 1902 Wright Place, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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